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New Card Processing Clients for TMG

September 14, 2009

(Des Moines, Iowa – September 11, 2009) – TMG (The Members Group) has added three credit

unions to its client list and renewed partnerships with three others.


New to the TMG roster, Oklahoma Employees Credit Union, a 41,000-member credit union based

in Oklahoma City, will rely on TMG for processing services on its credit and prepaid platforms.


Two California credit unions, Eagle Community Credit Union and Orange County’s Credit Union,

have chosen TMG to assist in credit card re-start programs. Each had previously sold their credit

card portfolio and is now looking to launch a new, credit union-owned program.


TMG renewed its credit and debit card processing partnership with Dubuque, Iowa-based Dupaco

Community Credit Union. In addition, two Vermont credit unions, Heritage Family Credit Union

and Vermont State Employees Credit Union, have renewed their credit, debit and PIN contracts

with TMG.


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