TMG Adds More Credit Unions to its Credit, Prepaid Platforms

April 6, 2010

(Des Moines, Iowa – April 6, 2010) – TMG (The Members Group) has added three credit unions to its list of card services clients.

Credit Union of Georgia, with branch locations throughout the northwest region of the state, recently converted more than 7,500 Visa credit card accounts to TMG. The credit union has also signed on for TMG’s full suite of support services, including fraud and dispute management, member support, the Springboard reporting solution and cardholder online access with MyCardInfo.

MIT Federal Credit Union, located in Cambridge, Mass., has joined the TMG client roster as a credit card processing client, converting more than 13,000 Visa credit card accounts to the TMG platform in May.

Altura Credit Union, an $820 million credit union based in Riverside County, Calif., has signed on with TMG for management of its gift card program. The ATIRAgift cards will work almost anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

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