TMG Rewards Credit Unions for Top Gift Card Sales

March 30, 2009

(Des Moines, Iowa – March 26, 2009) – TMG has rewarded 10 credit union tellers and five credit union branches with top gift card-sales honors stemming from the company’s third annual ATIRAgiftSM holiday sales competition.

Leading the teller competition was Illinois-based IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, whose top-selling teller was responsible for the sale of more than 540 gift cards from November 1 through December 31, 2008. Running a close second was a teller from the United Nations Federal Credit Union who sold 507 ATIRAgift cards.

Rounding out the top ten were tellers from the following credit unions.

  • Tradesmen Community Credit Union

  • Oklahoma Employees Credit Union

  • DHCU Community Credit Union

  • Honda Federal Credit Union

  • Veridian Credit Union

  • Beacon Credit Union

  • Catholic Credit Union

  • Deere Employees Credit Union

TMG also rewarded the five credit union branches that sold the most ATIRAgift cards during the same period. The five top-selling branches were:

  • Honda Federal Credit Union

  • Public Service Credit Union

  • IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

  • Veridian Credit Union

  • Collins Community Credit Union

All credit unions offering the ATIRAgift card were eligible to participate in the sales contest.

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